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Our herbal teas are very earthy and organic, only all natural flavor here. Whether you need a little extra support or you’re looking for a soothing, naturally caffeine free tea, our herbal teas have got you covered. From our warming Turmeric to our spiciest Black Pepper, you’ll be sure to find a favorite.

Foundation Herbal Tea

Foundation Tea1

Foundation nutritionally supports a healthy Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Regulatory System.*

Flavor Profile: This tea has a sweet and spicy flavor with it’s Black Pepper and Ginger which give this tea a very unique flavor.

Foundation Journey: Foundation is what we call our multi-vitamin in the plant-based flavonoid world. This journey is for those who want vitality with healthy support for movement, mobility, digestive and hormonal systems.*

Strength, Energy, Wellness…Begins Here.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Black Pepper, Red Clover, Ginger, Guarana Seed, Black Seed, Mucana Prureins.

Breathe Herbal Tea

Breathe Tea1

Breathe nutritionally provides support for healthy breathing.*

Flavor Profile: This tea is perfectly mild and is flavored well with local honey and lemon.

Seasonal Journey: Breathe is part of our Seasonal Journey, which is ideal support for healthy breathing.*

Clear, Healthy, Breathing…Begins Here.

Ingredients: Black Seed, Red Clover, Sage, Ginger, Peppermint.

Fit Herbal Tea

Fit Tea1

Fit nutritionally provides added support for a healthy, active lifestyle.*

Flavor Profile: Kale & Turmeric gives this tea a woodsy taste, that also has a little kick with the Black Pepper.

Fitness Journey: This journey is designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle.* Fit may be used as a plant-based pre-workout, energy support. Fit is also a good source for plant-based Omega 3’s.*

Healthy, Active, Life…Begins Here.

Ingredients: Kale, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Guarana.

Relax Herbal Tea

Relax Tea

Relax nutritionally provides extra support for restful and rejuvenating sleep.*

Flavor Profile: This tea is mild in flavor and mighty in it’s nutritional effect!

Relaxation Journey: This journey is for those who need healthful and restful sleep. Relaxation is vital for everyones health and wellbeing…when we rest we heal.*

Rest, Tranquility, Inner Peace…Begins Here.

Ingredients: Echinacea Purpurea, Licorice Root, Onion, Red Clover, Guarana Seed, Mucuna Pruriens.

Relief Herbal Tea

Relief Tea

Relief nutritionally provides support for mobility and movement.*

Flavor Profile: This tea has bold flavors and all nutritional herbal flavor here!

Relief Journey: This journey is for those who need a little extra help staying loose and mobile.*

Comfort, Ease, Renewal…Begins Here.

Ingredients: Onion, Echinacea Purpurea, Licorice, Red Clover, Guarana, Mucuna Pruriens.

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