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GnuPharma™ | HNR™ Herbal Nicotine Alternative Flavors

HNR™ Herbal Nicotine Alternative flavors, is a proprietary herbal blend that is designed to give support for moving away from Nicotine in an Inhalable Aromatherapy (IAT).

Your customers, whether they are moving away from tobacco or nicotine or just enjoy the pleasure of vaping will be excited to find this amazing product as part of your offerings. GnuPharma's HNR™ out performs competitors attempts to produce the all of the pleasurable and physiological effects of great vaping.


HNR™- Flavors

The pre-flavored HNR 30 ml bottles  come in eight  attractive, tempting formulations customers will find appealing, mouth-watering, delectable, and plain delicious!   All are made with all natural organic herbs mixed with 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG).


  • Blondie: tropical fruits & juicy berries
  • Mint Tac: creamy peppermint flavor
  • Cream Leaf: Sweet caramel creams and rich tobacco
  • Waterberry: Sugared watermelon and berry candies
  • Root Beer: A burst of crisp and creamy root beer
  • Maple Cakes: Stacks of fresh pancake flavor with a maple drizzle and pecan crumble
  • Big Top: Bright, juicy apple flavor drenched in creamy caramel
  • Dirty Monkey: Chocolate covered fried bananas

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