HNR™ Raw | Herbal Nicotine Alternative

Are you an eLiquid manufacturer?

You will be excited to learn about our HNR Raw herbal nicotine alternative in a raw format so that you may create new flavor lines of your own!

Your customers, whether they are moving away from tobacco or nicotine or just enjoy the pleasure of vaping will be excited to find this amazing product as part of your offerings.

GnuPharma’s HNR™ Raw out performs competitors attempts to produce the all of the pleasurable and physiological effects of great vaping.

HNR™ Raw


HNR™ Raw | Herbal Nicotine Alternative

What is it? The HNR Raw product is designed to work as an alternative to a nicotine base. This product may be added to any 0-mg flavor to create an outstanding vape-able herbal nicotine alternative experience.*

How to use it? New or existing product lines may be created using this nicotine alternative. HNR Raw easily flavors well with fruit flavors, dessert flavors, beverage flavors, and tobacco flavors.*

How does it work?  Similarly to a nicotine based eLiquid, our HNR Raw comparably is a great vape-able alternative. The herbs we have selected will nutritionally satisfy even the strongest of urges, with a few extra nutritional components. *

Sold in 30 ml, 8 OZ, 16 OZ or Gallon sized bottles.


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