The GnuPharma™ Quality Promise

At GnuPharma™, continuous management review of our quality processes insures that every herb we use is stringently tested by two laboratories for identity, purity, heavy metals, microorganisms, and other contaminates before being blended into our amazing herbal products.

Our quality promise from raw ingredient to final product is to provide you with the purest highest quality herbal products for your Endocannabinoid System.

That’s our quality promise to you!



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Damaged boxed of raw herbs are not accepted.  Nothing goes to the lab before being tested for safety and purity.

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Labs and equipment are checked for GMP cleanliness standards before production.  Digital or electronic equipment calibrated by outside labs.

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Visual inspection of all cleared raw components.  Hand tools sanitized and stored in covered container to reduce contamination

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Lab personnel follow stringent hygiene requirements before entering labs.  Second analysis of product ensures no contamination during production.

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All food grade containers shrink wrapped to prevent tampering.  Labels checked for right ingredients, lot and batch numbers.